My year in Games 2016

Thank god, 2016 is over… it was a weird year for me. Generally, it was horrible… in politics the right wingers gained power, Trump was elected and the UK voted to leave the EU, a lot of celebrities died and more importantly, some less famous but very close ones, too. It wasn’t all bad, of […]

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It wasn't like this!

My year in Games 2015

HOORAY, the year’s over. After working in games (first apprentice, then programmer) for 7 years, this was my first year with a “normal” job. Now the good things are that generally, work is more relaxed: less hours, more vacation, increased wages (let’s be honest: these things are well-known, especially if you’re an IT guy). The […]

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My year in games: 2014

  “I wanna be blinded by your cyber love”— Dr. Darling   HOORAY, the year’s over. I really don’t like those standard kind of “best random category of the year” end-of-year reviews. At least not if it’s done seriously. So I also won’t do that. Additionally, it has already been done way better (and absolutely […]

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