Summer is coming

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Jun 122013
Summer is coming

  When Time Magazine made the “Protester” Person of the Year 2011 after the arabic spring and the violent riots in London, the media also mentioned that this kind of protest will continue during the following years. You don’t need to search very hard for reasons: a policy of austerity, the growing distance between poor [...]

Jun 062013

Yesterday Gamasutra posted an article by J.C. Herz that was published back in 1998. In the headline, they are claiming that this is A 15-year-old critique of the game industry that’s still relevant today I disagree wholeheartedly. That is to say, I don’t object to the article itself. It certainly had a good point in [...]

Feb 242013

I’ve never been much into board games. Mostly due to a lack of board gaming friends, to be honest. So I’ve always admired them from afar. I had the pleasure of playing a game of Arkham Horror lat last year, though and I genuinely enjoyed it. Since then at least I started to notice that [...]