Why I love… Wasteland 2

I’m so happy that I backed inXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 2 Kickstarter over two years ago. Despite some issues I’m having with some of the gameplay (mainly the lack of formations and map functionality), it’s turned out really great. A huge part, why it’s so great, is the writing. This game relies heavily on text with only some (main) characters actually having a voice actor. But a lot of dialogue and a huge amount of environmental description appears as simple text in the ticker that’s part of the UI. An enlarged version of this is also used for dialogues where you can even (reminiscent of the days of yore when there were no voices or dialogue choices) type in the dialogue keywords yourselves (yes, there are hidden ones). It’s great to have such an “old school” RPG experience again. With a fully customizable group, NPCs that tag along, great descriptive text and fantastic dialogues that really give character to the… erm… characters.


**************** SPOILERS START HERE ****************

**************** SPOILERS START HERE ****************

**************** MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD ****************

**************** LAST WARNING (because… spoilers, you know) ****************


And those texts are just beautifully written. I had goosebumps when Angela discovered the ocean and I saluted when Captain Dave Carlson said his last farewell. But with a near perfect timing and an amazing sense of appropriateness the tone switches from simply serious to terribly sad to solemnly exalted to completely mad to surprisingly funny. Here are some examples of the latter (and this is why I love Wasteland 2):

Old Computers
Old Computers
It's the future
All he wants is candy
In this case, candy is like… body parts…
Suddenly: alliterations
Best! Descriptions of dead bodies! Ever!
Disco Fever
I don’t even know what a boogaloo is!
Yeah, who?
Amazing descriptions
This is how you do a vivid description
this is what we'll have after the apocalypse
After the apocalypse it’s back to the roots
Die, robot!
Die, robot!
awwwwww <3
Awwwww <3
yeah, fuck that
Yeah, fuck that!

That’s what you get for disarming a nuke

Fuck yea
That’s what I call a quest description
There are those as well
Yep, there are those as well – even if dressed in pink armor
You are a nerf herder!
Leather Harness
Leather harness
Blue Jeans
No, inXile. Those are not blue jeans!

I haven’t even finished the game yet, but I’m absolutely looking forward to playing the rest of it.

Thanks a lot, Brian Fargo and inXile!