Why I love… XCOM 2


Operation Pungent Shroud, 25th of May 2035


Our mission was to get the VIP and the whole team out of the AO. Unfortunately we only had a limited time window and at that moment, it was our last chance to get out of there. Our pilot Firebrand had to get away next turn or the alien reinforcements would arrive in full force and at this point, we’d all be dead. That might still have been preferable to simply being left behind alive – noone knows what the aliens were going to do to you, but it sure wasn’t pleasant. The enemy already called in reinforcements. Three Advent soldiers were supposed to hold us long enough for their fighters to catch up. We got one of them, but the remaining two were now sitting behind deep cover staying on overwatch. They were only waiting for us to make our move towards the extraction zone. At this point we had to get out in the open where they would shoot us like ducks in a barrel. It was an impossible situation.

The last charge of Ivan Dolvich

Suddenly, Ivan Dolvich took the initiative. Recruited only two weeks ago from a former mercenary agency Ivan turned out to be quite the capable soldier who showed no fear even at the sight of a Faceless or a fully armoured Muton. With a desperate cry, this Russian charged out of his cover and headed directly towards the extraction point. He did not even look at the Advent soldiers, his only goal being to draw their fire. Unfortunately, this is exactly what he achieved. The first shot only hit him in the shoulder, but the laser projectiles of the second enemy soldier went straight through his chest. This however meant that the way was now free for the rest of our units to escape that impossible situation.

With his final sacrifice Squaddie Ivan Dolvich cleared the way for the VIP and five of his comrades to get to the evacuation zone unharmed and thus back to the frail safety of the Avenger.



…and this is why I fucking love XCOM 2!